Building a Better Classroom

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Our classroom has desks! The library at Western was getting rid of some long tables, so I picked up two. Vegas suggested putting them into rows, so that both he and Elvis could each have a desk of their own. The setup looks very ‘classroom-y’, and while the tables are on the utilitarian side, we can scoot them together, throw a table cloth on and seat like ten people!

Next, we just need a chalk/white board of some kind, or a projector and we are ready to go. I have found that the more the environment seems like an academic one, the more my kids take their work seriously. Having pjs on, attempting studies on the couch, or in bed doesn’t really cut it. Why not, right? If for one year of our life we have the room to have an actual classroom at the Harmon Academy, it seems silly to waste the opportunity.

Secondly, out school pennant is getting closer to completion. There are still two more stencils to make, and a second coat of paint on the monogram, but I really like the direction it’s taking. Soon, it will fit in with all the other vintage pennants in the window.

Building a better classroom is equal parts style and substance for me. There needs to be a solid structure of useful materials and space to work. {There should definitely be a wall mounted pencil sharpener somewhere!} But isn’t learning supposed to be fun? Exciting? So, the mood is being shifted from just dining room, to a room with a view. Maps, galaxies, timelines, books, flags, and art are just a few of the things that are being put in place this weekend. Oh, and a good friend just found us some additional chairs for $1 each!

Printing schedules and researching sampler patterns, Shelley