Administrative Notes

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One of the things that has really been hard for me in the past, has been keeping a good record of what we do here at the Harmon Academy. Last year’s system received a few changes, and so far they seem to be working out well! The boys each have a three-ring binder that holds their completed work, and I have an administrative binder. This holds lesson plans for each week, completed daily work checklists {which provide an accurate account of what actually happens each day, not what I planned would happen}, and any handouts or reference materials that I collect for future lessons. The admin binder has thirty sections in it, ten for subjects, ten for students and records, and one for each month of the school year {10}. The boys binders are simply divided up into subjects that they are taking. Whew. I bet you all were just itching to hear about my binders.

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Guess what is more exciting than that? Report cards. Automated grading spreadsheets. Classroom expectation contracts. Syllabuses. {this makes me think of Shirley Temple singing about hippopotamuses}

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It has been eight years since I first pulled Vegas out of public school, and I finally think I’ve figured some of this stuff out. The end of this school year will show how well all my attempts organization worked. The goal for me as ‘administrator’ is to be keeping a close eye on student progress, meeting curriculum mileposts, matching or exceeding state standards, and having a work record to prove it.

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Going to bed BEFORE 2am, Shelley