The First Day

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We survived the first day. Everyone was dressed, ate breakfast, and at their desks before the first bell rang. That’s right, people, we have bells. It sort of started on a whim, a silly idea to make the day more like a school day, and now I can’t do without them. They keep us moving forward, and keep us motivated to get classes done on time. There are breaks, but they no longer take 37.5 minutes each. For the most part, all of the boys schoolwork is finished before the last bell rings. My only regret is that there is no physical bell that rings, its just my phone. {science project? Yes!}

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Vegas’s desk system works beautifully, both he and Elvis have space to spread out, plus there  is room for me, and the occasional guest. It is amazing to me how much we use this room now, where for the first year and a half we just sort of ignored it.

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At 3:00, when the bell rang for free time, we were all excited. I was exhausted. I don’t remember ever feeling so wiped out after a day of school before, and the thought of 179 more days seemed horribly overwhelming. By Friday night I was a hot mess, and nobody dared to talk to me.  The weekend worked wonders, being able to catch up on sleep, having some space and time to myself was very helpful when facing Monday morning.

The good news? The kids did better than I did. They still do. The bad news? I have so much to learn, which I suppose is good news too. At least I have a brain that works, and a schoolroom to use it in!

Planning my teacher uniform, Shelley


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  1. I love this! You guys truly are the inspiration behind the Stiles Brainery. I love the school room, I love the haircuts, I love the plaid shirts! It makes my heart so happy to see all of this and to learn from you.


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