Month: November 2014


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Elvis sincerely wants to join an orchestra, or symphony, or start a band, or do anything that involves a group of people playing music together. Today, at his PYP percussion class, he was able to spend time on the Timpani after everyone else left. He loved it. {Meanwhile, America was wildly getting into anything available…can you see the look on her face?}

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After we got home, the boys spent time playing drums together, and Elvis gave lessons to both Axel and America.

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Elvis has also been teaching himself piano, and working ahead on his Violin, even though we don’t have teachers for those things right now. He is determined! It is so fun to see him working hard and improving so quickly!

Corralling Ninjas, Shelley

*Watch This!




For anyone looking to snoop through old pictures of the kids, here is a link to my very old and neglected kid photo blog, King-Baby. I think the last post was in 2011, to give you an idea of just how long it has been since I have even looked at it. Today Elvis and I were discussing his first drum sticks, and how we need to frame them or something when he finally retires them. I was reminded of a photo of him when he first started playing drums…and that led to looking through King-Baby.





There is a link up in the menu bar as well, in case you lose this post and want to see baby Axel again.

Still waking up, Shelley

Hello, Seattle

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Last weekend we attended a debate event in the Seattle area. It was Vegas’s first event, and even though it was a practice tournament, it was full of challenges.

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The first order of business was to find a suit. I knew in the back of my mind that he would need a suit for tournaments, but it sort of slipped by me that all the ’round robins’ would require the same dress code. So, we scoured every goodwill and salvation army from SODO to Bothell, in search of appropriate debate wear. I think we were successful in the 3

While he was participating in a workshop, the rest of us were able to visit some friends and family, and of course, hit up the Bins. Our class goldfish now have a new bowl, complete with colorful rocks, and I have a new paper cutter, which is very exciting…for me. I also found another paper sorter that one of the kids will use to organize schoolwork, now I just need one more!

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Oh, and we were able to purchase a new school computer, which is better than I could have predicted. I am thrilled to have a giant workspace/screen, and a wireless keyboard that I can keep up and away from little hands.

I am an old lighthouse
Throwing beams of bright lights
Red in the morning, blue in the evening sun
Taking heed for everyone,*