Back to School…

stacks-of-old-booksAugust snuck up on me this year, and took me by surprise. Even now, I feel like it is the beginning of the month, when in fact, it is already the 22nd! I have not purchased a single book, ordered any curriculum, or planned one field trip. Last year I was super prepared, and had written a syllabus for each subject, chosen all our books and organized my entire classroom by this time. After moving, we don’t have the luxury of a whole room devoted to school supplies and workspaces, so we are still carving out little corners that will work for different activities. One of the things that I have loved about doing school at home is the flexibility to adapt what we are doing to life circumstances, and external factors. The thing that I don’t love about it is having to change my ideal plans due to life circumstances, and external factors.  Ha! This summer has been nothing but change after change, resulting in some pragmatic planning. What do we have to do, just to make it through the year? What are the essentials, and how can they be most easily accomplished, with the least amount of extra work?

The simple answer is reading, writing, and arithmetic. But what about all the other stuff? Science, History, Art, and Music? What about tying knots, and learning how to use a knife? What about cooking, and sewing, and swimming? This is the point where my head starts to swim, blogs run together, and book lists all look the same; this is the point where I put off planning for a few more days.

Inevitably, self-doubt sneaks up on me too, asking me ‘why are you doing this?’, and ‘why do you think you are qualified to teach anyone anything?’. Aaaaannnd…that is the point when I go to bed, and watch NCIS. {It is amazing how old a show from 2003 seems, which just proves that I am old.}

In the morning, the simple answer sticks with me, and the rest can fill in all the wonderful extra time I will have with my family since we are all together. The knots will be learned on toy snakes while restraining siblings, and we will be swimming long after public school is back in session. It will all come out in the wash, I hope.

{this is painful to watch, but I always hear this song in my head whenever I hear the phrase ‘back to school’. You’re welcome.}I will be posting book lists, and supply dreams in the next week, and showing you around our new ‘school room’. Making pizza, Shelley

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