Preliminary Book List for 2015-2016

I think I have some general idea of what subjects we are doing this year, which means I have the beginnings of a book list too! It may not seem like a big deal, but I am very excited.

Language arts and Math will just be proficiency based textbooks, such as Algebra I and II for Vegas, Math 3 for Elvis, Math 1 for Axel, etc. Axel will be cultivating his reading  skills. Elvis will be working on his writing mechanics, grammar and creative writing, as well as mastering his spelling. Vegas will be completing a rigorous grammar program that we started last year, as well as a course in Literature study, and continuing his creative writing.

So, for the more variable subjects, here is what we will be studying.

Science: Biology, and continuing entomology, since Wicked Bugs was such a hit last year. I think we will focus on the works of Jean Henri Fabre.9782221054628_1_75

With a little Children’s Kafka thrown in…you know, just because. {*we may just skip to real Kafka, because I am not sold on this author, I just love the cover!}kafka

History: We will be studying The Middle Ages: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance. This will tie hand in hand with our geography books. Vegas will have supplemental reading to challenge him, and there will be endless movie options for this time span.  …”European, Indian, Chinese, Australian, Arabic, Japanese, Jewish, Mongolian, Turkish, African, Russian, Australian and American history during the period. Fascinating topics abound here, including knights, samurai, Vikings, the rise of Islam, the Crusades, Genghis Khan and the Mongols, the Plague, the Mayans, the Incas, Marin Luther, the Reformation, the discovery of the Americas, and much more.”61FFLskqvfL

Geography: We will be focusing on Cartography, and the history of map making. Last year Elvis went through a book on how to read maps and globes, and he learned quite a bit about keys, cardinal directions, topography, and scale. He will be putting those skills to work this year, creating maps of our city, and areas that interest him. {not to mention working on using a compass, and engendering a good sense of direction!}61yVAkzttmL



Maps Activity Book, to go with our Maps book that we got last year.

Art: Vegas will be studying art history, as well as honing his pen and ink skills, and practicing new mediums. Elvis and Axel will use the expanded ‘Art Camp’ curriculum to learn about {and try their hand at} many genres of art, and to study notable artists within each genre. We will include Nature sketchbooks and scientific illustration.



We got Nature Anatomy last year, and I am very excited to use it!


Music: The boys will continue with their double bass and percussion classes through the PYP {Portland Youth Philharmonic}, and Vegas will be venturing out into the local middle school to participate in Advanced Orchestra for 8th grade. Elvis will continue with private lessons, as long as he keeps practicing! Axel and America love to play Elvis’s drums, so perhaps they will follow in his footsteps in the coming years!

Home EC: I am so excited about this book, and its companion lesson plan…I might have to get this one first! It covers all those things that I want to make sure my kids learn, but keep putting off….;)


The next step will be for me to compile a nicely organized list of supplies and books by subject, with prices and links. This will basically be for me, just in case I forget my notebook {and scraps with notes on them} when I am out and about finding shopping. Before I do that, I am taking a hefty break from my computer screen.

Putting in laundry… Shelley



  1. I love your choice of books, the love and time you put into your choices, and how you build on your kids’ existing strengths, interests and personalities! I would have loved to have been home schooled by you, Shelley!


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