Planning Takes Time…

IMG_4249We did it. Starting is most of the battle, in my experience. Having ‘your work cut out for you’, always sounded like a bad thing, growing up. Now I am realizing that having your work cut out for you, is really having the hard work done. {at least some of it!} Sometimes, trying to figure out what to do, and how to do it, can be a paralyzing challenge. With that said, much of our work is cut out for us now. We have chosen books, ordered many of them, and yes, we have actually started reading and writing in them. What a relief!

Vegas is wrestling with Harold Jacobs Algebra, reading about the Vinland Map, and learning about the earliest glimmers of art history.


Elvis is embarking on ‘A Cricket in Times Square’, sharpening his math skills, and honing his orienteering.

FullSizeRenderAxel blazed through the first few lessons in McGuffey’s reader, and is enjoying his first grade math workbook, even though he is technically in kindergarten.

America is working on her colors, drawing shapes and people, and learning to spell her own name. She loves to sit and work while her brothers are doing their lessons.


Last, but not least, we have inherited a full size van. While we don’t actually need all the seats ourselves, it enables us to go on field trips with our cousins, and head out to skate church in style. {especially once we get the Screaming Hand on the back window!} I am looking forward to having many adventures in it this year, and thanks to miss Meri, we are all referring to it as the ‘Battle Tram‘. We may have to get custom plates.

Planning takes time that men of action don’t have. ~ MC Bat Commander

{and we are men of action}




  1. Love the pictures! Tell me more about the Battle Tram. I looked at the picture, but don’t understand!
    I loved “A Cricket in Times Square!” (Yes, I do know that book titles are underlined, but it won’t allow me to do that, so I used quotation marks. 😦 )


    1. Ha! I ran to my computer and underlined that title right away! oops! As for the battle tram: The Battle Tram is a custom-built vehicle, as well as the primary mode of transportation and mobile base of operations for The Aquabats in The Aquabats Super Show, built for them, in The MC Bat Commander’s origin cartoon, by The Professor.{from the Aquabats ‘wikia’ page}


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