The Days Are Just Packed


September is over, and October is already full to the brim with classes, field trips, books, and projects. I thought I was done ordering books, and then found several more that I *just have to have*! {Field guides, Spelling Books, and the Teacher’s Edition to Jacob’s Algebra} The kids are settling in to a good schedule, breakfast, morning chores, school work, lunch, and then, mayhem.

Our afternoons have been a bit chaotic since we have been watching another boy after school for a few weeks. The kids loved it, but it did make structuring the afternoon difficult. This was our last week of regularly picking him up, so I am hoping to fine tune our afternoon chores and activities.


Last week we had ‘computer class’ with what I like to call Double Harmon Academy. That is when we do things with our cousins, and it was pretty fun. Of course, everyone crowds around one computer, but that’s part of the charm, right? Living within walking distance of our family down here in Portland has been wonderful.


We were able to purchase a laptop for school use with the amazing giving through our fundraising site. The laptop has been in constant use, looking up birds, spelling words, and {pictured above} checking out Bill Nye, the Science Guy. This was their first time watching him, and they still talk about it. We were learning about Volcanos, and tectonic plates. Since then, the boys have been working on the perfect mud volcano in the backyard! It is the messiest, but most fun part of the day.


Every day, I wish we could have done more. I wish we were more organized, or had more space, or better attention spans. {myself included!} Learning happens all the time and in every situation, so I keep reminding myself {even when the kids dig up the whole front garden and spread the soil on the walkway…hey! Here’s a chance to teach them how to use a broom!} to keep on truckin’. Keep moving forward, keep reading, writing, and working on math. That’s all we really can do, and the rest will follow….at least I hope it will!

I am so very thankful for the time I have with my kids, the lasting memories we are making, day in-day out. The standard of normal family life that is synonymous with being together, and not fragmented as Ann Voskamp so eloquently puts it. Each of these kids is a gift – the grace of God in messy rooms and relentless mischief.