Cedar Waxwing


Last week we had some special visitors to our deck! Since our backyard neighbors keep several bird feeders fully stocked year round, we see and hear many types of feathered and non feathered creatures. The usual suspects are Scrub Jays, Chickadees, Robins, Doves, and Bush Tits, however, last week we saw Cedar Waxwings. It was very exciting! Elvis was the one who spotted them first, and we all crowded around to marvel at their lovely yellow tail tips, and fancy head dresses.


Next, we looked them up in our Song and Garden Birds of North America book {it comes with its own record of bird songs!} and read about them. Since the record in the book didn’t cover waxwings, we looked up their song on the internet, and listened to it. Its almost a whistle, rather than a tune.

Now, we hear them all the time, because we know what they sound like ~ It’s so cool! Elvis drew a lovely picture of them in his sketchbook, and Axel learned how to spell Cedar on the magnadoodle.


Ever since the first Nature Exchange, we have been learning to notice more, observe more, and appreciate more fully all the wonder that creation holds. Even birds on the deck can spur us into reading and drawing, listening and watching.

The world around us is truly amazing.

I have often thought that God’s goodness is shown in the sciences. Not that science is particularly good in and of itself, but that God created curiosity, and a desire to learn and ‘conquer’ things like the common cold, space travel, cancer, etc. Not only did God give us curious minds, but the ability to actually learn and absorb, and beyond that….a universe of unending mystery. We could study the life cycle of a pine tree every single day of our lives, and still be learning on our deathbed. Each atom holds a lifetime+ of things to learn about.

I don’t think we were intended to be bored.

Now I have ‘Atoms in My Life’ stuck in my head like you would not believe.

And, for the record, that is not my favorite Third Eye Blind song.

Organizing my new file cabinet,


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