A Field Trip from our Field Trip

We took a field trip to Lakeview Farms yesterday. Usually our family has gone to Sauvie Island to get pumpkins in the fall, it feels like you are way out in the country, and the prices are good. Plus, there aren’t a ton of gimmicky things to waste time and money on. Just pumpkins. This year, we joined up with our cousins and some other families at this other farm. The tour boasted a boat ride, train ride, and free pumpkin for $5 a ticket. That’s pretty good, I thought, so we went.



luke_meri_pumpkinsmeri_pumpkinIt was beautiful. Mid October, and it was pushing 79˚ here in Portland! At some point we were talking about the weather, and wondered about what it might be like at the coast…so I looked it up. 73˚. I checked the map….one hour and ten minutes from the pumpkin patch. WHAT!!!??? We would be out of our minds to forgo a spontaneous beach trip. So…armed with $22 and some snacks from the North Plains Market, we hit the road.


We had no towels, no extra clothes, no plan. It was fantastic!


The beach was amazing, the weather was truly magical. It was warm and not windy at all, a rarity for the Oregon Coast. There weren’t many people on the beach either, since it was mid-week/mid-day during the school year. The kids just ran screaming out onto the sand and proceeded to play hard for several hours, digging, rolling, chasing waves, and finding beach treasures.


My only regret is that we had no extra camera, and my phone ran out of batteries about ten minutes after we arrived, so we weren’t able to capture very many pictures. We just had to sit and enjoy the view.


By the time we finally left, we all had sand in places we wished we didn’t, we were all tired, and still it was like a tiny vacation.

vegas_lia_beach_bw This was the sort of day you couldn’t put on the calendar. The pages of October, November, December, and on are each nearly full already with commitments, appointments and school events. There is something priceless about being able to just randomly go to the beach with all your cousins {and your sister in law}! We wouldn’t have said yes if we had asked each other the day before, we would have said ‘oh, but we are already going to the pumpkin patch’, or ‘oh, I am so busy and tired, I don’t think I can do it’… or something quite similar.  Instead, we just drove west towards the coast, with bagels and string cheese.

I hope days like yesterday are memorable for years to come.

Declaring today ‘Late Start Friday’,



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