We are Men of Action


We have been reading The Princess Bride for the last week, and we are nearly finished. If you have ever watched the movie, you will see Fred Savage unable to wait for the next chapter, the next sentence, and wonder if any young boy would actually feel that way in real life. Let me tell you, we have had to   d r a g   i t   o u t, because Elvis would have had me reading the whole thing in one sitting if it were up to him.

We started reading it right before fencing class started up again, and that happened to be perfect timing, since the book is riddled with fencing references.  Now, I am on the hunt for some proper fencing swords to give the boys for Christmas!


Vegas and I are constantly debating whether the book is abridged because there may be a more complete and ‘unabridged’ version out there somewhere, or because it is self-proclaiming its abridged status.

We took a break from Harry Potter for this, and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.


Looking for a frame to house our map of Florin,



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