Month: May 2016

Year 2 of PYP Classes

This was the second year that Vegas and Elvis participated in the PYP double bass and percussion programs. It was amazing to see them both progress so much, and fun to see them perform at the end of year recitals. Vegas is considering a few auditions this summer, for the high school orchestra, and also possibly PYP. Here are some very low quality videos I took with my phone, forgive the wobbliness of them, and the inability to zoom in very well.

First up, Vegas on his own, playing a solo which he had very little time to prepare. I don’t even know if I heard him practice it, so I was super excited to hear him play. 🙂

This is his intermediate bass class as a group, playing part of a Mahler piece.

Finally, both the beginning and intermediate classes played a piece together. I loved seeing {and hearing} the perfect unison between Vegas and his teacher, the gentleman on his left.

This is Elvis’s percussion class, performing a piece that his teacher composed for this group. I accidentally recorded this in slo-mo, but after some googling, was able to fix it enough to watch. My favorite part is how Elvis really gets into it, nodding his head. He is such a fun drummer, and has come so far this year!

We are looking forward to a summer with a few less classes, but much more playing!

Wading through a giant backlog of photos to post, Shelley