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IMG_6760This summer, I gave the three younger kids a swimming challenge. After “learn to swim week” at our local community center, there were areas each one needed to work on.For Elvis, he needed to work on different strokes, as well as moving away from a full face snorkel mask, and towards regular goggles.IMG_6771For Axel, his work involved gaining confidence in the water without a life jacket, and bigger kicks.IMG_6767As for America, she didn’t even get in the pool at the community center. Honestly, this didn’t worry me, since I know it’s not a fear of water, it was the uncertainty of a strange teacher. She watched, we listened, and got some ideas for things she could work on in the pool over the summer.

Elvis’s challenge: Swim without a face mask.IMG_6981

Axel’s challenge: Swim without a life jacketIMG_7256.JPG

America’s challenge: Swim with less flotation devices, and get her face wet.IMG_6980

Certainly, these challenges should take all summer….or so I thought.

It took about three swims, or one week.

Elvis is swimming and even diving without a face mask, and only goggles.

Axel is now jumping, diving, flipping, swimming, for HOURS with no life jacket at all. He is a regular fish.

America is using only a small life jacket, and has even bravely jumped in one time.

Their reward was going to Dick’s sporting goods and pick out goggles and swim shoes. They were thrilled, and have been using them constantly ever since.

We are looking forward to a summer full of swimming and sun!

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