Month: October 2016

Beatrix is Here!


After much waiting, and anticipation, Beatrix arrived safely on September 8th. img_8223

She was scheduled to be induced, because her big sister was rather ginormous! {9lbs, 14 oz} We didn’t want Beatrix to get really big on us! Fortunately, she was over a pound smaller, which makes a big difference in someone so small! The labor went quickly, and out of all the kids, I think it was the easiest.img_8242

We only had to stay at the hospital one night, and everyone was happy to be back home together.img_8267

Time…marches on, and this post is three weeks overdue.

During that time we have all been adjusting to our new family configuration. All the kids have been awesome helpers and extra arms for me, and even do their schoolwork {which was intentionally light these last couple weeks!}!


America is very pleased with her new ‘girls’ room, and is always on the lookout for more pink stuffed things to put on her bed! 😉


Life looks like this most of the time: wearing the baby, or sitting with the baby.


We are all enjoying Beatrix very much, amidst the mess and falling behind that usually comes along with babies. She is a good reason for a household stay-cation, and the break is totally fine with us. Now that September is gone, we must be on to more academics, and I will be updating you on Vegas’s involvement in PYCO and David Douglas orchestra next!

Still sitting with Beatrix,  Shelley