Month: August 2017

The Doorbell Rang…


{these are not Elvis’s books, don’t worry…I just liked the picture;) }

And it was FedEx! We got our first delivery of textbooks today, and it was very exciting. We got almost all of Elvis’s math books, as well as the DVD teaching lectures that go along with them. We also got the next book in our spelling series, which has been a great set.

Amazon Packages at Doorstep

Today Vegas and I went over to the high school to get his new schedule, and pictures, and ID card. Last year his schedule was only orchestra and early dismissal. This year, it’s packed full of classes. Orchestra,  music theory, science, math, French, and an AP geography class. I tried to talk to him about school supplies, but he was way less into that conversation than I was. Sigh.

We have one week left before school starts. One week to left to collect books, get haircuts, find suitable backpacks, plan lunches…

Plan lessons!


I better go get busy planning.

Thank you for all your help getting us off the ground this year!

Shelley {and students}


Our Schoolyear Wishlist


{this photo was taken by Vegas on the ‘men’s camping trip’ this summer}

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Each summer I evaluate the books we used during the prior school year, and based on how we liked them {or how well they did their job}, I make choices on the next set of books. Last year, we were very happy with most of our books! A few of them weren’t completed, so we will use them again this year.

I am still compiling the books we need, so this wish list will be a somewhat evolving one. As I acquire each item, I will cross it off, so you will know how we are doing!

Language Arts

Teaching Writing with Structure and Style

Student Writing Intensive {IEW}

Fix-It Grammar 1

Fix-It Grammar 5

Writing With Ease

Writing With Ease Workbook

Primary Language Lessons

Intermediate Language Lessons

Explode the Code {A,B,C}


All About Spelling


Math-U-See Beta

Math-U-See Gamma

Math-U-See Primer

Math-U-See manipulatives


Book Shark US History

Road Trip USA


Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding 1&2

Exploring Nature With Children

Science and Art


History of Classical Music

Music Lessons

Instrument Rental


Drawing Textbook

Art and Science

Art Camp


Latin’s Not So Tough

Slightly Dangerous Lessons

Code Academy

Supplies, Etc

Printer/Copy paper

Ticonderoga Black pencils

Pilot Hi-Tec Maica Pens $8


Washable Markers

Colored Pencils

Sketchbooks{X3} $13

Small grid notebooks $9

Three Ring Binders {avery, easy open}

Notebook Paper Narrow Rule


Our reading list is HUGE. Too long to post. If anyone wants a copy of that, just email me, and I would be happy to send it out. I have Vegas’s reading list for the rest of High School all worked out…although I am sure there will be additions along the way.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and for all your support. We love to hear from you, and the kids write back, so if you want to send us a letter, please do!


Shelley, and the Harmon Academy


The Harmon Academy 2017-2018

Our new fundraising site is up!

Hello again family and friends! The school year is looming larger than ever this year, with many challenges and new opportunities.

This year, America will be starting kindergarten, Axel will be in 2nd grade, Elvis will be in 5th grade! {This marks his last year in elementary school! I cannot believe it!} and  Vegas will be in 10th grade!

Bea will just be a cute reminder of how fortunate we are to have so much time together as a family!

Elvis and Vegas will both be participating in local school music programs, which they are looking forward to very much.

Vegas will also be attending our local high school for four academic classes in addition to music classes.  This year he will also be playing with the Portland Youth Philharmonic, which is a goal he set three years ago for himself, and we are so excited for him!

As many of you know, we moved over the last year {again~and hopefully the last time for….ever} Tim is still pastoring a small church in Northeast Portland, and working part-time at Western Seminary.  I am holding down the fort, planning school curriculum, cleaning the house, working in the yard, and sometimes getting away to the local nursery to look at new plants.

This year, I was torn about doing a fundraiser, but there are many practical considerations that helped make my decision.

We have music lessons to pay for.
We have co-op classes to pay for.
We drive kids to classes all the time, which takes gas.
Vegas needs a tux shirt.
The kids all need school supplies, and books.
Our markers wear out, shoes wear out, coats get small, and life provides unexpected costs just for good measure.

So, if you have any of the items on our wish list or are able to contribute in any way to our fundraiser, we would appreciate it so much. Our last few years would not have been possible without all the support we have received from you. Thank you!!

The Harmon Academy