The Doorbell Rang…


{these are not Elvis’s books, don’t worry…I just liked the picture;) }

And it was FedEx! We got our first delivery of textbooks today, and it was very exciting. We got almost all of Elvis’s math books, as well as the DVD teaching lectures that go along with them. We also got the next book in our spelling series, which has been a great set.

Amazon Packages at Doorstep

Today Vegas and I went over to the high school to get his new schedule, and pictures, and ID card. Last year his schedule was only orchestra and early dismissal. This year, it’s packed full of classes. Orchestra,  music theory, science, math, French, and an AP geography class. I tried to talk to him about school supplies, but he was way less into that conversation than I was. Sigh.

We have one week left before school starts. One week to left to collect books, get haircuts, find suitable backpacks, plan lunches…

Plan lessons!


I better go get busy planning.

Thank you for all your help getting us off the ground this year!

Shelley {and students}