Month: September 2017

Looking Back

I had forgotten about this post that I had written a year or so ago, but these images of Meri are always in my mind as she practices her cello. Ever since she was very small, she has wanted to play the ‘violin’. How she played it was fascinating to me. She always held it upright, as if it were a cello. So, for that reason, I have always had it in my head that she would play the cello if she ever played a stringed instrument.

This year she is able to participate in a beginning strings class, and she is fortunate to play the cello every day. I think it is harder for her than she originally thought it would be. Her hands get sore, her arms are tired, she has to learn a whole new language – music – from a teacher who is new to her…but she is doing great.  We are so proud of how hard she works!

Happy that it is Friday today, Shelley


This is the End of the Beginning


Ursa Major, a vintage print that we are using in today’s Art and Science lesson.

Well folks, we have reached the end of our first almost full week of school. When I say almost full, I mean that there are still more classes starting up in the next few weeks, but we made it 5 days in a row THIS week. That is an accomplishment. Vegas is playing in the high school Jazz Band this year, a departure from classical music, but I think he is enjoying it so far. Don’t worry, he has plenty of classical music to play! Jazz Band meets at 0 period, which means we have to leave the house at 6:15am every day. My red bull needs are high right now.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.19.02 AM

This week we also had two orchestra classes with Axel and America. They have been playing and learning their new instruments, which has been super fun. I am so excited to hear how they progress over the coming months.  Taking a cello, a bass, a baby, and three kids {plus lunches and books} singlehandedly to class in Oregon City twice a week is a bit of a challenge for me, but we are getting the hang of it. Elvis is a wonderful helper.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.18.52 AMSpeaking of Elvis, he starts 5th Grade Band this coming Monday! We rented a ‘bells kit’ for him, since percussion starts on the bells in this particular band. He has been learning scales and how to choreograph his mallets…and all the other kids want to play them. All the time.

This is the last week of a partially full schedule. It is the end of the beginning, even though it has been jumping in the deep end in so many ways, there is still more to come.

Band, bass classes, Jazz Band, possibly more PYP involvement for Vegas, PSATs, and then….Christmas.

For now, I will take comfort in the fact that tomorrow is Saturday, and I can sleep in.

Listening to teaching lectures and drinking old coffee,