Conservation 101

Conservation 101

When I started working on restoring an old oil painting that had been damaged, I had no idea how complex and extremely time consuming it would be. I also had no idea that Q-tips would be such a hot commodity around the house, along with 99% isopropyl, a mini crock pot and books by Eli Wilner. But since all these things are just sitting here….I figured we could put some of those items to use and have an impromptu painting conservation class here at The Harmon Academy.

photo 5

The first lesson’s objective was to perfect the Q-tip roll, a technique that requires fine motor skills and a lack of frugality. Before¬†class was over, I think we burned through about 300 Q-tips. We also learned about the solubility of acrylic paint vs. oil paints, and about patience. The kids loved it, and Axel was quite taken with the whole process. When we finished, an unfortunate sea monster was removed from a mediocre {and very green} forest painting.

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