Heavy Antiquated Equipment

On Typewriters


‘Another piece of heavy, antiquated equipment’? I was asked as I carried in a recent goodwill find. ‘No!’ was my reply, and here’s why: The absence of spell check. Mistakes are printed on the paper immediately, with no chance of taking them back, and there certainly isn’t auto-correct.

Typewriters are exciting tactile machines that bring all the kids to the table, clamoring for a turn. I love them. The problem is, that there are always more, and they aren’t very expensive, and choosing one can be a bit like choosing just one cat.

When Vegas was in second grade, he received a typewriter for his birthday, and he has used it regularly ever since. Elvis now has a Remington-Rand, and we are still working on tuning it up, and making sure everything works well. So far, as long as Miss Meri doesn’t twist the ribbon around, it has worked splendidly, and Elvis has been practicing his fingering with gusto.


Thankfully, if anything goes wrong with the typewriters, we live in Portland; haven of heavy antiquated equipment. Resources and repair shops are everywhere.

Painting, Shelley