Really Good Stuff

Remember that time when…

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We drove the employees at ‘Really Good Stuff’ nearly mad by using their mechanical horse outside….over and over? Until the whites of their eyes were showing, and it took incredible restraint to not demand that we leave? I do. It was awesome. One of my dear friends was in town and we were walking by…and spotted this amazing bookcase from Grand Rapids, MI. {somehow that makes it so much more romantic, don’t you think?} While I was inspecting and measuring the bookcase, the boys took turns rodeo riding this poor horse. It was wild.

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There was even a sign on it saying that the horse worked, and for a mere $.25, children could ride. I think it was a lie. The guy working there looked like he was about to have a heart attack, and he wouldn’t even budge on the price of the bookcase for a nice cash offer. I was not pleased. I considered telling him that we would continue riding the mechanical horse until he gave in, but honestly, we would have probably broken something. The best course of action was to return another time, and hope nobody else snatched up my Grand Rapids bookcase. Sure enough, a week later, it was still there! The owner cut me a deal, even without a three ring circus on the sidewalk. Success! Now all our school books have a wonderful home,   hidden behind a glass door that makes even the cheapest workbooks look fancy.

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Covering every available inch of our walls with maps, posters, and glue dots, Shelley